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How do I clean up privacy and temporary files?


How do I clean up residual files?


How do I fix invalid short cuts?


How do I manage my Startup?


How do I optimize my PC?


How do I scan my registry?


How do I use the Automatic Scans?


How do I use the Exclusion List?


How do I use the Performance Monitor?


What do the scan results mean?


The Scan Results screen shows the results of a scan. It shows the number of items found in the following categories:

  • Registry Issues
  • Temporary Registry Values
  • Temporary Internet Files and Folders
  • History of Visited Web Pages
  • Internet Cookies
  • Residual Files (junk files and other files left over by applications)
  • Invalid Short Cuts
  • Performance and Optimization Settings
  • Programs loaded at Start Up

You can uncheck items if you prefer not to have them optimized. Clicking on the "More Info" link will show you details about what has been found during the scan. The More Info button for Performance and Optimization Settings will display performance settings you can apply to your computer. The Manage Start Up link will display the Start Up Manager.

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