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What is a system restore point?


What is the Clean Up tab?


What is the Install Guard?


What is the Settings tab?


What is the Startup tab?


What is the Uninstall tab?


The Uninstall tab shows a detailed view about all of the programs installed on your computer. Clicking the + and - signs next to a category in the Programs list will collapse and expand the list.

The Program list shows new programs, installed toolbars and all other programs. Putting a check-mark in the box below the Program list will also show a list of all installed Windows updates.

Search for a specific program by using the Search box above the Program list. This helps you find a program that isn't showing or you don't see in the lists. Change the detailed view of the program icons by selecting "Icons," "List" or "Details" from the drop-down menu.

A scan automatically reveals all leftover files found on your computer. This is displayed at the bottom center of the Uninstall tab. Clicking on "Remove leftover items" will take you through the prompts to delete these files.

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