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How do I activate Install Guard?


How do I alter the Startup list?


How do I change my settings?


About - Under the About tab you will find information about the version of Easy Uninstall Pro which you are using. If you have not yet registered your copy of Easy Uninstall Pro you will be able to do so from this screen.

Settings - settings tab allows you to customize the following Easy Uninstall Pro features:

  • Install Guard - Keep Install Guard active in your system tray and you will be informed every time new software is added to your computer. Install Guard tracks all changes to your system from the moment of installation so that when the program is no longer required it will be fully removed. Use the check box to activate or deactivate Install Guard.
  • System Restore Point - During the uninstall process Easy Uninstall Pro automatically creates a System Restore Point. If you frequently uninstall programs you may wish to skip this step in the uninstall process. Use the checkbox to activate or deactivate System Restore Point.
  • Computer Status - Easy Uninstall Pro runs an automatic search during startup for leftover files, junk items and the number of programs in your startup menu. The results of this search are displayed in the computer status box on the opening screen of the program. If you do not find this information useful and want to skip this process just uncheck the box "Activate automatic scan at startup".

How do I create a system restore point?


How do I register Easy Uninstall Pro?


How do I uninstall a program?


How do I use the Clean up feature?

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