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How do I activate Install Guard?


How do I alter the Startup list?


A number of software programs are automatically loaded by your computer at startup. The more programs that are automatically loaded the slower your startup time will be. This menu shows the programs currently being loaded by your computer at startup. Select a program you wish to remove and click "Remove from startup".

Advanced Options - find out more information about the program you selected by clicking on any of the options in the drop down menu.

  • Open folder (Opens the system folder where the program is installed)
  • Run software (Runs the selected software)
  • Ask Google (Performs a Google search to learn more about the selected software)
  • Check for broken records (Checks for erroneous commands and file paths)
  • Add to startup list (Allows you to add a program to the Startup list)
  • Remove from startup (Removes the selected program from the Startup list)
  • Refresh (Refreshes the Startup programs list)

How do I change my settings?


How do I create a system restore point?


How do I register Easy Uninstall Pro?


How do I uninstall a program?


How do I use the Clean up feature?

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