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How do I activate Install Guard?


How do I alter the Startup list?


How do I change my settings?


How do I create a system restore point?


How do I register Easy Uninstall Pro?


How do I uninstall a program?


This is the main screen and all of the software programs currently installed on your computer will be displayed in this screen. Simply select the program you wish to uninstall and click the Uninstall button.

Search Box - If you know the name of the software product you are looking for just type it into the search box otherwise select a program from the display window.

Refresh - Checks for any updates to your system and refreshes the list of installed programs.

View - To change the way the installed programs are displayed click on the down arrow in the view window. You can choose to display programs by icons, in a list format or with details.

Show Windows Updates - check this box if you wish to have all the Windows updates included in your list of installed programs.

Advanced Options - Once you have selected a program click on Advanced Options if you would like to find out more information about the program. A drop down menu offers you the following options:

  • More info (Displays detailed program information)
  • Ask Google (Performs a Google search to learn more about the selected program)
  • Open folder (Opens a folder containing the location of the installed program)
  • Open key (Opens the registry editor to the key location)
  • Uninstall (Uninstalls the selected program)
  • Check for broken records (Searches for erroneous programs and file paths)
  • Refresh (Refreshes the Program list)
  • Show Windows updates (Displays a list of all installed Windows updates)

Computer Status - This is the information box at the bottom of the screen. Easy Uninstall Pro runs an automatic search during startup for leftover files, junk items and the number of programs in your startup menu. The results of this search are displayed in the computer status box. If a large number of leftovers and junk items are slowing down your PC the dial will point to red and the world "slow" will be displayed. If there is an average number of items the dial will point to yellow and if there is just a small number of items the dial will point to green and the word "healthy" will be displayed.

If you do not find the Computer Status information useful and want to skip this process go to the "Options" tab and under "Settings" uncheck the box "Activate automatic scan at startup".


How do I use the Clean up feature?

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