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How often does Easy Driver Pro check for updates to the driver database?


What is an "Unplugged" device?


Why am I getting an error saying "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing this software?"


Why am I getting the error message "Driver failed to install?"


Why did Easy Driver Pro tell me a driver failed to install when the driver install process appeared to run smoothly?


Why do I keep getting a communications error?


Common Errors

Communication Errors

  • Proxy Server Errors

    Users using a proxy server to connect to the Internet should configure the proxy server in Settings - Internet.

  • 400 Bad Request - Users experiencing this error may have one or more of the following programs installed:
    • VCOM Professional Suite
    • Norton Firewall

    Upgrading to the latest versions of these products will most likely alleviate the problem. As a last resort you can try to completely uninstall one of the above programs.


    These applications are inserting additional information into the data packet that is sent to our servers causing our servers to deny the request and issue a 400 Bad Request error. You should contact Norton or VCOM if you cannot remedy this situation by upgrading to the latest version of their software.

  • Other Communication Errors - Generally, communication errors are either caused by a bad internet connection or other firewall applications that are configured incorrectly. If you continue to experience communication errors or Easy Driver Pro appears to "hang" while you are performing a driver scan, double check your firewall software settings to make sure Easy Driver Pro is granted access to communicate with the Internet over port 80 and port 443.

Font Errors

Easy Driver Pro uses Arial and Microsoft Sans Serif fonts which are native to the Windows Operating System. If you are experiencing errors dealing with these fonts, please visit http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314960. This article will give you instructions for repairing your standard Windows fonts.

If these solutions do not resolve the problem, feel free to contact us through our Support Center to open a ticket. Please provide as much situation specific information as possible.

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