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How often does Easy Driver Pro check for updates to the driver database?


What is an "Unplugged" device?


An "Unplugged" device is any type of plug and play device that is currently not attached to your computer. Devices like cameras, MP3 players, and USB drives that are unplugged will show up in "Unplugged Devices" in the Scan Result screen.

Registered users may turn off this feature in Tools.

You may notice old hardware that has been replaced in your system in "Unplugged Devices". To fix this problem you will need to install a registry cleaner. We recommend Easy Speed PC.


Why am I getting an error saying "This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing this software?"


Why am I getting the error message "Driver failed to install?"


Why did Easy Driver Pro tell me a driver failed to install when the driver install process appeared to run smoothly?


Why do I keep getting a communications error?

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