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How do I backup my drivers?


Easy Driver Pro gives you the ability to easily create a backup of your device drivers. You can select to backup all drivers, a selection of drivers or just an individual driver.
Having an emergency backup containing all of your device drivers can save you hours if ever have to reinstall your operating system. We recommend creating regular driver backups.

Creating a Driver Backup

Click the Backup tab to go to the Driver Backup and Restore menu.
Click the "Create Backup" button.

Step 1 - Selecting drivers for backup
Easy Driver Pro searches for all drivers installed on your system and displays a list of drivers sorted by category.
To view details about any of the drivers, click on the driver's name. Information about the selected driver will be displayed on the bottom of the screen.
1. Check the box next to any driver you wish to include in your backup. If you wish to select all the drivers at once use the "Check All" link. The more drivers you include in the backup the longer the backup process will take and the more disk space it will require.
2. Once you have selected all the drivers you want to backup click Next.

Step 2 - Selecting a name, location and format for your backup
1. Enter a name for your backup file
2. Select a location where you would like the backup file stored. Use the browse button for help selecting a location. IMPORTANT! Do not save the backup files in the same partition where Microsoft Windows is installed. All data in that partition will be lost during the Windows installation process.
3. The default format saves your backup drivers as files. Click on the down arrow if you wish to change the backup format to a ZIP file. We recommend using the zip file format if you are backing up a large number of drivers at one time. For more information on which format to choose see Backup Type (below).
4. Click "Create Backup."

Step 3 - Backup in progress
It could take several minutes for the backup to be created depending on the number of drivers selected.
The status bar shows the progress of the backup. A timer on the right of the screen tells you how long the backup has been running and how many files have been copied.
To stop the backup process at any time click "Cancel."

Backup complete
Once the backup is complete a window will pop-up confirming the name, location and format of the backup.

Backup Type
Default - Backs up the drivers to a specified folder
Zip - Backs up the drivers to a ZIP compressed file


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How do I register Easy Driver Pro?


How do I report a problem?


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How to get additional support?

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