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What is the Automatic Scan?


What is the Clean Up tab?


What is the Exclusion List?


What is the Optimize tab?


The Optimize Tab lets you fine-tune and optimize your Windows settings to improve your PC's speed, security and performance. The optimization report can be used to give you a good overview of the current condition of your computer.

Optimization Settings

The settings are divided into three categories:
System Settings
Internet Settings
Security Settings

Click on the corresponding button to see the settings for each category. You can click the checkbox to turn the individual settings on or off.

The Recommended Settings button will show the settings recommended by Easy Speed PC to maximize your PCs performance.

Choose the Apply new settings button to save the new settings you've selected.

Optimization Report

The Optimization Report provides valuable information gathered by Easy Speed PC about the current optimization levels of your computer. Information includes the following: registry items cleaned, privacy risks removed, broken shortcuts removed, programs removed from startup and the amount of disk space that has been freed up. The report will also let you know if your settings have been optimized, if an automatic scan is scheduled, if performance monitor has been activated and if a system restore point or backups have been created.


What is the Performance Monitor?


What is the Registry tab?

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