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What is the Automatic Scan?


What is the Clean Up tab?


What is the Exclusion List?


you can select to exclude certain registry keys or files from future scans.

Excluding Registry Keys - We recommend extreme caution when excluding registry paths. If invalid registry keys are created under the path which you excluded then Easy Speed PC will not be able to track those registries and therefore will not be able to fully clean and optimize your registry.

Excluding Files - There may be certain files which you know you do not want to delete and there would rather not have included in future scans for example cookies containing log-in credentials which you use automatically when visiting a trusted site. Use the Exclusion List to select any files you do not wish included in the future. If you've already excluded certain files during a privacy scan those files will be displayed and you will be able to add to that list or remove any files you no longer wish to exclude.


What is the Optimize tab?


What is the Performance Monitor?


What is the Registry tab?

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