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What are junk files?


What is a computer registry?


What is the computer Startup?


The Start Up Manager shows the programs that are loaded when Windows starts. The more programs that are loaded at startup the slower your startup time will be. Easy Speed PC scans your computer for a complete list of the programs currently loaded at startup and helps you remove any unnecessary programs from the list. The programs you remove are only removed from the startup menu and are not deleted from your computer.

Click on the Clean up tab. In the Start Up Manager, you can select any program you do not wish to have loaded at startup and and click Remove From Startup. Easy Speed PC removes the selected program from the list of programs that start when Windows is loaded (the program is NOT deleted from your computer).

If you are unsure about a program, you can select it and click on Advanced Options to get more information about that particular program including a google search, opening the file and running the program.


What is the Optimization Report?

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