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How do I backup my drivers?


How do I change my settings?


How do I download new drivers?


Downloading drivers

Downloading drivers with Easy Driver Pro has never been easier. Downloaded drivers are automatically saved in your driver download directory which may be changed on the Settings tab. All downloaded drivers are accessible on the Downloads tab.

PC Easy Driver Pro always recommends viewing the ReadMe before installing any driver for specific installation instructions or known issues. Readme can usually be found in the compressed driver installation file or driver installation directory.

NOTE: Installing an alternative driver for a device may result in the device still showing as out of date on a subsequent scan.

Download a recommended driver

  1. Click "Scan" to run a driver scan.
  2. Mark a check next to each driver you want to download. Select "Check All" to download all of the drivers.
  3. Click "Fix Now" to begin the driver download.
  4. Confirm the download by clicking "Yes."

How do I install downloaded drivers?


How do I register Easy Driver Pro?


How do I report a problem?


How do I restore my drivers?


How do I start or stop a scan?


How do I view the readme file for a driver?


How to get additional support?

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