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What are junk files?


Junk files are files that accumulate on your computer, usually through using an Internet browser or making software changes on your computer. Junk files consist of Internet cookies, temporary files, saved history in your browser and temporary registry values.

Clearing out these files on a regular basis helps protect you from unwanted privacy invasions and also gives you more storage, system resources and helps keep your computer clean and error-free.


What are leftover items?


When most programs are removed from your computer, whether it's through their own uninstall program or through your operating system's program removal utility, old files are left behind on your hard drive, system folders and registry. These files consist of old shortcuts, unusable file extensions and other settings that were created by the removed program. There is no need for these files to remain on your computer, but they are often left behind.

Easy Uninstall Pro has a unique way of scanning through your computer and locating these files that are taking up room and may be causing system errors. Removing these files is an important step in maintaining your system's health and keeping your computer error-free.


What are Startup programs?


Startup programs are programs and software applications that are set to automatically startup when your computer turns on. Most programs display a small icon next to your system clock, showing you what is running. These programs are usually set on the Startup list as a default and they run in the background anytime your computer is on, regardless of whether or not you are actually using the program. This is set as a convenience for the user, but what most people don't know is that these programs all take up much-needed system resources, substantially slowing down your computer.

When programs are removed from your computer's Startup list, they are still installed and work as normal, but they just won't start automatically. This lets you run only the programs that are necessary, giving your computer a performance boost.


What are the technical requirements?


Easy Uninstall Pro System Requirements:

Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
300MHz Processor, 256MB RAM,
22MB Hard Drive Space
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